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The Persuasion Code: Science, Methods, Process and Delivery

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Dr. Christophe Morin

The Persuasion Code: Theory, Science and Process

This course is based on the award-winning book The Persuasion Code. This program covers the unique persuasion theory developed by SalesBrain, the methods used to measure its effectiveness and the 6 ways by which you can trigger the Primal Brain.

Patrick Renvoise

The Persuasion Code: Deliver to the Primal Brain

This course takes a deep dive in the many techniques you can use to create and deliver messages that will have a direct and effective impact on the Primal Brain. Patrick unpacks the value of each Persuasion Element and the Persuasion Catalysts.

Dr. Christophe Morin

Persuasion Coaching with Dr. Christophe Morin (30 minutes)

Get expert advice on your neuromarketing strategy or delivery

Patrick Renvoise

Persuasion Coaching with Patrick Renvoise (30 minutes)

Get expert advice on your Persuasion Code strategy or delivery