Have you ever wondered how effective you are at capturing people’s attention, influencing them, or moving them towards a decision? Each day you create messages to persuade others. It can be an email, an ad, a web page, a corporate video, or a slide for a sales presentation. Often, you invest a lot of mental effort and money to perform these tasks. However,
from the perspective of neuroscience, most of your attempts to persuade are doomed to fail because your messages are not optimized for the brain. This program makes the complex science of persuasion simple. You will learn to convince faster, more scientifically, and without wasting
time and money. Based on 30 years of combined experience applying cutting-edge research on how persuasive messages affect our brains, Dr. Christophe Morin and Patrick Renvoise help you discover how attention, emotion, cognition, and buying decisions work in the brain. More
importantly, you will learn how you can use a powerful persuasion model called NeuroMap™ to optimize the creation and delivery of sales and advertising messages based on neuroscience. NeuroMap™ has already been taught to over 200,000 executives worldwide and adopted by
many successful companies like Microsoft, Epson, GE, Hitachi and many more. Now, it is your turn to capture, convince, and close using neuroscience.