Dr. Christophe Morin

(6 hours): Dr. Christophe Morin presents the COMPLETE SalesBrain Model in 15 videos

This live recording covers the complete 2-day training program delivered to thousands of participants worldwide

Patrick Renvoise

Live (2 1/2 hours): Patrick Renvoise presents the first 3 out of the 4 steps of the SalesBrain Model in 12 short videos

Step by step live presentation for CEOs, Sales and Marketing Executives

Dr. Christophe Morin

(90 min) Online Course in Neurostrategy: Using NeuroMap to trigger buying decisions in your customers' brains.

Understand how persuasion works using neuroscience and start convincing scientifically today!

Dr. Christophe Morin

(80 mn) Online Course on Neuropresentations: How to create killer slides based on NeuroMap

Learn to close more business with messages that capture attention and convince any audience


NeuroStrategy and NeuroPresentations Bundle

Save $145 and learn how to immediately use NeuroMap


Neurostrategy and NeuroCoaching with Dr. Morin Bundle

Add personalized coaching to your learning journey!